High-Net-Worth Couple Concerned with Asset Protection


Tina and Greg* are in their mid-60s and both in good health. Greg was told by his insurance agent that he should purchase more life insurance, which also happened to have a long-term-care rider. Greg was not convinced he needed the additional life insurance, nor was he sure he needed or wanted long-term-care insurance, so he came to us for an unbiased review of his current coverage.

Issues and Challenges

We needed to determine the appropriate amount of life insurance coverage if Greg were to die prematurely. We also needed to stress test their plan to determine to what extent they could absorb nursing care costs should one of them become ill.

Our Solution

We evaluated their current coverage and insurance needs and concluded Greg was adequately covered with his existing life insurance. Further, since neither of them were overly concerned about the financial drain of nursing care costs, Tina and Greg decided to self-insure the risk.


In addition to a voiding additional insurance premium costs, Tina and Greg are now confident in the knowledge that they are adequately insured.

*Tina and Greg are not actual clients, but their story is based upon actual client experience.