It sounds like a cliché but planning is about you, not your money. It’s about gaining a deeper understanding of your family, charitable and career goals. So, before we ever discuss your finances, we review our Life Planning Questionaire (LPQ) with you. This process reveals how well you believe you have prepared for the future and what still remains to be done.

If the plan is being prepared for a couple, we ask that each person complete the LPQ. In the initial meeting, which we expect to take at least two hours, we focus on the events and ideals that shaped your life; as well as the personal and family goals you have today.  Focus is placed on your short, intermediate and long-term goals to uncover planning opportunities. The first meeting concludes with a request for items needed to prepare the financial plan and an estimate of the cost of the financial plan.

We will ask you to complete our Confidential Data Questionnaire and Risk Tolerance Profile, both of which will be custom created for each client. Our Living Expense Worksheet is provided to help clients identify typical expenses and is a very important part of the financial planning process. Consideration should be given to current expenses as well as future expenses when completing this exercise. Once all the above-mentioned data is returned to us, we review it and provide you with a firm quote for the financial plan.

At this time we schedule a second meeting to discuss your financial position. We also recommend at least two hours for this discussion. At the end of our time together, we will fully understand your current and expected financial position.

Over the period of approximately two weeks we will design the financial plan. The third meeting, the plan presentation meeting, typically takes two and one-half hours to complete. In this meeting we spend the majority of our time focusing on our observations and recommendations so that when clients leave the meeting, they know fully where they stand from a goal-achievement perspective.

The last meeting, the implementation meeting, is perhaps the most important part of the planning process.  We pride ourselves in partnering with you to accomplish the objectives identified in the financial plan.